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Book Buzz:  ONE The Power of One Step by Kellie McNabb

Just released in April 2016, this new book ONE The Power of One Step is the true story of a woman who thinks that becoming an IRONMAN will put all of the pieces of her divorced, broken, needy life back together again but with a little faith, trust and love discovers so much more.  The book weaves physical endurance, community outreach, and weight loss struggles with humour throughout.  If you liked Eat, Pray, Love and Bridget Jones’s Diary, then you are sure to love this new book!

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About the Author

Kellie was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  She earned her degrees at the University of Toronto and Queens University in Kingston, Ontario having also studied at Laval University in Québec City.  Kellie has been a French teacher for over 20 years working in both Saskatchewan and Ontario.

Here’s what people are saying about ONE … review, rated 5 out of 5, link

By Katherine Domsky on May 18, 2016

What a beautiful, raw and utterly honest and relatable book. There is a precious gift in these pages… many gifts, actually, but what Kellie McNabb offers her readers through her genuineness and willingness to share the most personal, sometimes painful, often joyous moments is to awaken us all to the understanding that yes, we are flawed! Flawed in countless often crazy-making but nonetheless beautiful ways, and yet we move on and we grow and we laugh and love and LIVE and fall down and get back up again.. over and over again. This is what makes us perfectly human. Whether or not we look like we have it all together, we all struggle at times and there is such wonderful comfort and hope in that fact. We cannot be saved by another person or by a single achievement, but what we can see is that we don’t *need* saving… in fact, maybe we don’t even WANT saving. Our struggles build us up and enrich our lives perhaps more than the easy-peasy times do… we may not always see it this way at the time, but these challenges are a gift. “One: The Power of One Step” is a book that will leave a lasting and meaningful impact on your life…. and it’s funny. Inspiring AND makes you laugh ?? You can’t go wrong with that!!

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Meet Kellie.  Kellie is a French teacher at Assikinack Public School.

After going through a divorce a number of years ago, she decided to set some goals for herself:

1.Complete an IRONMAN triathlon.

2.Write a book about it.

3.Find a publisher and get her book published.

4.Be on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

5.Get her book made into a movie.

Kellie has accomplished her first three goals.

When she first set out on this mission, she had a long way to go to reach her first goal. Kellie began training in 2011, and completed her IRONMAN race on Aug. 18, 2013. She thought that becoming an Ironman would put the pieces of her life back together, but she ended up learning a lot more along the way. Kellie began volunteering at a homeless centre and found a great amount of joy through her work there. Throughout her journey she wrote about her experiences, which has led to her being a published author.

Her book, ONE – The Power of One Step was five years in the making. It took two years to write and three years to edit and get published. The book explores her journey, her experiences helping the homeless, the excitement of her IRONMAN race and inspiring people to go for it. “If we want something bad enough, we can do it,” says Kellie.

Looking back on everything she’s done so far, she says it’s the little things or the almost failures that stand out. “Like being told you’re going to be pulled off the race course if you don’t hurry. Or my first day working at the homeless centre, there was a man with very shaky hands and he was spilling his coffee all over his hands. I went up to him and I took a napkin and wiped the coffee from his hands. He looked at me so gratefully and was so happy, and that really stuck with me.”

Kellie says that what she hopes people take from her book and from her experience, is “courage in themselves to follow their dreams and to look inside themselves for their source of happiness. I hope  they will be inspired to take joy in having compassion for and helping others.”

Kellie still has two more goals she wants to reach, and is ecstatic about what she has accomplished so far. She even bought a special pair of shoes she plans to wear if she is on the Ellen DeGeneres show, and created a vision board of who she imagines starring in a movie based on her book.

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