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Kellie McNabb

Kellie was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She grew up bilingual speaking both English and Portuguese (from her heritage) and later studied other languages while in university including French, Korean and Spanish.  She earned her degrees at the University of Toronto and Queens University in Kingston, Ontario having also studied at Laval University in Québec City.  Kellie has been a French teacher for over 20 years working in both Saskatchewan and Ontario.  She lives in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.


My Running Story ….

I have always admired runners.  I would wave at them from my car and long to be one of them.  I dabbled in running here and there but only started running more seriously about twenty years ago.  I ran my first half marathon in 3:30.  A year later, I shaved half an hour off of my time and ran the half in 3:00.  I year after that, I ran the half in about 2:30.  In 2009, I lost 60 pounds and ran my first full marathon in 3:45:33.  This qualified me for the Boston Marathon.  At Around the Bay in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 2009, I earned a silver medal by running the 30K race in 2:27.

This morning (15-Aug-2016), I ran a happy 4K.  I’m nowhere near the runner that I used to be, but I am busy promoting my book ONE The Power of One Step and my long term goal is to truly enjoy life every step of the way!