My Running Story

I have always admired runners. I would wave at them from my car and long to be one of them. I dabbled in running here and there but only started running more seriously some twenty plus years ago. I ran my first half marathon in 3:30. A year later, I shaved half an hour off of my time and ran the half in 3:00. I year after that, I ran the half in about 2:30. In 2009, I lost 60 pounds and ran my first full marathon in 3:45:33. This qualified me for the Boston Marathon. At Around the Bay in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 2009, I earned a silver medal by running the 30K race in 2:27.


I now run for pleasure and exercise.  I’m nowhere near the runner that I used to be, but I continue to promoting my book ONE The Power of One Step and my long term goal is to truly enjoy life every step of the way!