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My Ellen Shoes

I set five goals for myself:

  1.  Complete an IRONMAN triathlon.
  2. Write a book about it.
  3. Find a publisher.
  4. Be on Ellen.
  5. Have my book made into a movie.

Goal # 1 – An Ironman is a triathlon which includes a 3.8k swim, a 180k bike and a 42.2k marathon run that you must complete within 17 hours in order to be called an IRONMAN.

Goal # 2 – I wrote a book about the journey from divorced basketcase to IRONMAN.

Goal # 3 – I wasn’t going to self-publish.  I knew that I wanted to find a publisher who connected with my story and would publish my book.  And I did.

Goal # 4 – I have not been on Ellen DeGeneres’ show yet, but I have the shoes!  They are colourful and fun and the heels look like chocolate/strawberry/vanilla ice cream cones.  They are perched proudly on a ledge in the closet as a symbol of the day that I will wear them on Ellen.  There is something about having a tangible reminder of your goals that makes it all so much more real.

Goal # 5 – My first three goals are complete.  I believe that four and five are on the way.   I have always been a firm believer in vision boards.  To create a vision board, you take a piece of Bristol board or poster board and you flip through magazines and when you feel drawn to a certain word or image, you cut it out and glue it onto the board.  I like to get together with my girlfriends and create vision boards.  Before my friends arrive, I secretly search for pictures of the actors who I imagine will star in my movie.  My more spiritual friends say that this is cheating and that a proper vision board is one where you are open to the images that come up.  So I make a more organic board with my friends and then, after they leave, I create a second vision board using the pictures that I want.  I see my book as a movie and, although I know that I am shooting for the moon, I have always believed the quote that encourages us all to shoot for the moon because even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.